How USAID Is Helping Ethiopian FarmersIn alliance with the Ministry of Industry of Ethiopia and General Mills, USAID launched the African Alliance for Food Processing Project in Ethiopia on April 18.

This project has been designed to increase the availability of affordable and nutritious food in Ethiopia as well as increase the competitiveness of Ethiopia’s food processing sector. This sector of Ethiopia’s economy is one of the oldest industries in Ethiopia.

Among the goals of this project, supplying Ethiopia with wheat processing and milling to increase quality management and meet national standards remains tantamount. The African Alliance for Food Processing works with food companies and food industry associations to attain this goal and to expand market access for smallholder Ethiopian farmers.

The effect of providing Ethiopia with this type of aid is two-fold. It helps support local industry and reinforces the push to grow Ethiopia’s economy as a whole. It also enables local food processors to provide quality and healthy food which can be sold at a lower price since it’s locally produced.

Another benefit of the African Alliance for Food Processing is that it falls in line with USAID’s push to lower foreign worker occupation in impoverished countries. By providing Ethiopia with information, USAID enables Ethiopian residents to solve their own economic difficulties making the workers more accountable and the results more satisfying.

– Pete Grapentien

Photo Source Flickr