Evolution of Women
A new age for women is being ushered in, although this battle seems to have been going on for years now. It’s the evolutions of women!

Women in countries around the world that previously lived in prejudice and oppression are beginning to see a light at the end of a very long tunnel. Here are five areas in which women around the world are evolving and even excelling:

Girls’ Education

Education has become a priority for many countries around the world that previously lacked a stable and equal educational system. A heavy emphasis being placed on girls’ education has women around the world beginning to speak not only for themselves, but also for their daughters, sisters, mothers and friends.

Schools are being built near once-remote villages and girls are being educated instead of tending to homely or motherly duties. USAID has supported the Ministry of Education’s efforts to build thousands of new schools in the Middle East and Africa, as well as partnering in the distribution of millions of textbooks and supplies. The barriers are breaking down for girls’ education and opportunities for higher learning are expanding.

The Health of Women and Children

Numerous countries are working with USAID to completely reform the current health care systems in order to allow mothers and women to reach the medical treatment and health facilities they need to care for children and birth healthy offspring. In addition to building more healthcare centers, training for medical staff and midwives has been expanded to promote health in all areas of life for women.

Women in Politics

Women are gaining momentum in politics. In the Afghanistan 2014 elections, for example, voter participation reached a record high for both men and women. Women also served as election observers, ran for public office and were victorious on the campaign trail. Women made up 21 percent of winners from the 2014 Provincial Council Elections, 11 percent of judiciary seats and 20 percent of judges in training.

Women in the Economy

More women are taking on entrepreneurial roles than ever before. In response to the growing demand for the skills needed to participate in the increasingly advanced job market, USAID has provided job training for thousands of women and helped thousands more to find rewarding jobs. In addition to job training, many markets are expanding to create new jobs that both men and women can go after.

Women and Leadership

For countries to prosper, more women need to take leadership roles, and they are doing just that. USAID programs such as “Promote” will serve as the missing stepping stone between education and careers for thousands of Afghan women driven to serve as political, civil society and private sector leaders.

– Alaina Grote

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Photo: Professional Women’s Breakfast Club