The current global pandemic is changing the way that everyone and everything operates. What can poverty-stricken countries do when the world around them has shifted to virtual learning and working? It is common for most middle-to-high class families internationally to own some type of smartphone or computer. Those families also have solid access to an internet connection, but there are still 3.7 billion people without any access to the internet. This raises the question of ‘What can families in extreme poverty do when they can no longer go to work or their kids can no longer attend school?’ Spectrum is a widely known leader in communication networks in the U.S. They provide sports television, internet service and landline telephone services. Owned by Charter Communications, Spectrum is the leading platform in the U.S, but their impact is going global in the face of the current crisis as Spectrum is now keeping the world connected.

6 Facts on How Spectrum is Keeping the World Connected

  1. Several countries have declared a state of emergency. Many public services are now only available online, which means that one would need a private contract in order to access them. Data is expensive enough as it stands for countries like South Africa, where it is approximately 10c for 1 megabyte of data. For every 10 South African rands this is 58 U.S. cents. This becomes especially expensive as more people lose their incomes.
  2. Worldwide, there are billions of people using their smartphones instead of visiting their family and friends. Half of those billions of people do not have access to the internet at all. Even in Australia, 13 percent of the population is without any connection to the internet. Spectrum saw there was a need to make sure everyone had the general access to basic services.
  3. Where people used to go to the physician’s office for medical attention, they now have to adapt to downloading specific applications that are necessary for doctor consultations. The United Nations wanted to have universal access to the internet by the end of 2020, but right now it is missing 35% of the world population. That is 2,800,000,000 unable to contact their physician. This is why Spectrum is doing their part to remove any restrictions on their data plans and allowing complete access to all of their services. Removing these restrictions will help low-income people access the service easily.
  4. Spectrum Network is working tirelessly to ensure that, on a global scale, all families are able to access the internet. User demands have shifted to almost entirely online necessities in the midst of the pandemic. Consequently, Spectrum had to make a decision to respond to this demand and how do it effectively. Spectrum accommodated by lifting restrictions on broadband streaming services for all families worldwide.
  5. Spectrum’s network will be accessible for all necessities. These include contacting family, completing school work and working from home. Engineers will be monitoring around the clock to ensure all customers are getting the best speed and capability at all times of the day. They are maintaining the speed of the connectivity and increasing the downloading speed. Tech workers from the company are online and available to help 24/7, making this possible. Spectrum has added a function on its website where connectivity problems can be resolved through its self-service. This cuts down on higher call volume, reducing the number of customers not receiving help while they wait on hold.
  6. Spectrum is providing Wi-Fi hotspots that anyone can sign onto. There is a posted time schedule of when the high network volume tends to slow it down. This gives customers a chance to plan when they want to work or call a loved one with minimal connectivity issues.

To keep up with supply and demand, Spectrum saw keeping the world connected as the only option. They felt a personal responsibility to use their commodity and to give back. It will continue to try and meet its goal of ensuring all people worldwide are able to access the broadband and complete whatever they may need to do with ease.  Many COVID-19 updates are available online. The more people online means more people can access the same communication method for pandemic updates. This keeps as many people as possible aware and informed. Spectrum keeping the world connected is to keep the world safe and informed.

Kimberly Elsey
Photo: Flickr