Charities in the Central African RepublicPoverty in the Central African Republic is an ongoing problem showing few signs of improvement. Despite being abundant in natural resources, the nation is one of the poorest and most economically fragile countries in the world. As of 2022, approximately 71% of the population is living below the international poverty line, surviving on less than $2.15 a day. Still, several charities are working to address poverty in the CAR.

5 Charities in the Central African Republic

  1. Concern – Operating in the CAR since March 2014, Concern aims to build community resilience by taking integrated approaches to alleviate the suffering of conflict-affected communities. By focusing on the drivers of poverty such as health and nutrition, sanitation, food security and gender equality, Concern has seen major success in its integrated programs. In 2021, the organization reached 152,000 people with its initiatives. In 2022, Concern focused its efforts on alleviating violence against women and improving literacy rates.
  2. War Child – War Child is a charity that has been operating in the Central African Republic since 2014. Its most notable work has been with conflict-affected children and their families, supporting the reintegration of 15,500 children from the armed forces back into their communities. The organization’s focus on improving the lives of children most affected by conflict has extended to programs that provide child-friendly spaces, the promotion of peace-building through child-led advocacy and working with schools to build child protection committees.
  3. Islamic Relief – Islamic Relief came to the Central African Republic in 2014 with the goal of providing emergency aid and psychosocial care. The organization carries out its mission by developing child-friendly spaces in the nation’s capital for roughly 8,000 children in partnership with War Child and Enfants Sans Frontiers (ESF). Islamic Relief’s interfaith project has supported community cohesion for more than 4,000 people. In addition, faith leaders work together to secure the bright future of their communities by rebuilding the livelihoods of those lost to violence.
  4. World Food Programme (WFP) – The WFP helps communities meet their basic nutritional needs by distributing food or cash while working alongside schools to improve children’s nutrition and school attendance in areas facing food insecurity. The WFP also works to reintegrate people back into their communities.
  5. International Rescue Committee (IRC) – The IRC has been operating in the Central African Republic since 2006 and focuses on providing medical care, water and sanitation services. Moreover, the organization is also focused on protecting the most vulnerable people in society. There are multiple facets to IRC’s recovery plan in the Central African Republic. Most importantly they focus on the safety and well-being of high-risk communities while providing sanitation assistance and education initiatives.

Overall, the work of these five organizations has been integral in the elevation of underprivileged communities plagued by food and health crises, civil war and poor literacy rates.

– Namra Tahir
Photo: Flickr