SolucionES Will Prevent Crime, Save Lives

SolucionES Will Prevent Crime, Save LivesIn the largest private-public collaboration in USAID history, USAID will be working with a group of five foundations from El Salvador in a new project, titled SolucionES, to help cut crime rates in that country. The partners include the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development, the Salvadoran Foundation for Health and Human Development, the National Foundation for Development, Glasswing Internationa and the Business Foundation for Educational Development.

SolucionES will involve mainly preventative measures against violence, including programs for youth who have been or feel as if they are being pressured into causing violence as well as psychological counseling in schools in violent areas. Municipal Councils, local non-profits and private residents will also have a say in the direction of their communities as they work to provide “training programs on conflict prevention for youth and families, youth leadership programs, job training and entrepreneurship and after school clubs,” says the U.S. Embassy to El Salvador. The program has just launched this month in two cities: Ciudad Arce (La Libertad) and San Martín (San Salvador).

SolucionES will cost a total of $42 million dollars, with USAID providing $20 million and the five collaborating organizations contributing a total of $22 million over a five-year period.

– Nina Narang

Sources: US Embassy to El Salvador,
Photo: US Embassy to El Salvador