Name: Siddhanth Sagar

Location: Canada

Role: Political Affairs Team member

Fundraising Goal: $700 CAD

I am volunteering as an intern at The Borgen Project because as a global citizen I believe that it is my duty to make even the slightest positive change because after all, “actions speak louder than words”. As a privileged Canadian, the responsibility falls on me to ensure that I use my privilege for something good, such as addressing the pressing issue of poverty.

Poverty affects millions, limiting access to basic needs like food, water, education, and healthcare. By supporting The Borgen Project, we can help break the cycle of hardship for many people worldwide.

As part of my role, I am fundraising to support The Borgen Project’s mission to advocate for effective policies and programs that combat global poverty. Your donation will help amplify these efforts and create a better future for all.

Please join me in making your actions speak louder than words. Together, we can make a significant impact. Thank you for your support.