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Reasons Why Poverty Leads To Extremists

When terror strikes, the media is quick to find a religious cause for such an evil act, but this view can be misleading. Here are reasons why, contrary to popular belief, poverty leads to extremists more so than religion. U.N. Development Programme Study It’s easier to recruit people when they’re in dire straits. The U.N. […]


Job Programs Versus Payouts for the Poor

All the foreign aid in the world could be useless if not implemented well. The Borgen Project seeks to help third-world countries join a global market and become self-sufficient. Among the many ways for developing governments to reach this goal, there is a common debate over whether it is better to have foreign aid creating […]


Why Laws Are Not Enough to End Poverty in South Africa

Social justice does not work like a movie. Even if a climactic event results in the removal of unjust systems, the after-effects of injustice persist decades after the fact. Though apartheid was eliminated decades ago, South Africa still sees stark divisions between the living conditions of blacks and whites. These divisions continue due to economic […]


The Rise of South Africa’s Instagram Influencers

Online entrepreneurs have popped up around the world. South Africa‘s Instagram influencers, such as Keagan Kingsley and Thithi Nteta, help companies engage targeted audiences for their campaigns. “Microinfluencers” Nteta and Kingsley promote a company’s brand to their many followers for a fee. Instagram usage in South Africa grew to 3.8 million in 2017, an 8.5 […]


Why Vietnam Loves the US

Vietnam and America engaged in one of the 20th century’s ugliest conflicts. Yet the Vietnamese of today (and Vietnamese Millennials in particular) hold a favorable view of their former enemy. While the popularity of the United States sunk in 2017 throughout the globe, Vietnam’s approval of the U.S. only grew. The key to why Vietnam […]


How Safe Spaces Help Children In Extreme Poverty

“Safe spaces” are places or environments in which people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment or any other emotional or physical harm. Often, safe spaces are discussed with respect to American colleges. However, psychological aid and safe spaces help children in developing countries as much as food and […]


How Argentina Lowered its Poverty Rate in 2017

From the second half of 2016 to the first half of 2017, Argentina lowered its poverty rate by 1.7 percent. Though that number may seem small, it represents a significant step forward for a country who has over 30 percent of its citizens living in destitution. What steps did the nation take to reverse years […]


4 Reasons Why Women’s Education Leads To Less Poverty

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” But the inverse can also be true. When a socially marginalized group gains access to rights and opportunities, it can benefit everyone around them. This statement holds true for women’s rights. History has proven that easy access to women’s education […]


4 New Technologies That Can Help End Poverty

Despite gloomy predictions for the future among pessimists, humanity develops the tools for a brighter tomorrow. At the Lisbon Web Summit on November 6, 2017, physicist Stephen Hawking discussed the pros and cons of artificial intelligence. Though Hawking is aware of how new technologies threaten jobs, he also believes that such advances can alleviate disease, […]


Why Labor Unions Support The Jones Act But Not Vice-Versa

The Jones Act made headlines in the past month, an impressive feat for an obscure law almost a century old. The law requires a certain amount of U.S. ships to deliver aid and trade to other parts of the world. Lawmakers of the 20th century designed the act to protect the finances of U.S. maritime […]