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Girls’ Education in Tuvalu

On the remote Pacific Island country of Tuvalu, the expectations for men and women are distinct. Women are expected to adopt a subordinate role, are usually less involved in politics and are not provided the same legal protections as men especially in regards to child custody or inheritance. If they work in the formal economy, […]


Education in Tuvalu: Past & Present

Tuvalu is one of the smallest and most remote countries on Earth. The total land area of the country is approximately 26 square kilometers, or comparatively 0.1 times the size of Washington, DC. Located in Oceania, the country is an island group consisting of nine coral atolls in the South Pacific Ocean with a population of 10,782. […]


World Bank Puts Millions Toward Literacy in Tuvalu

The World Bank has awarded a grant to improve early childhood development and literacy in Tuvalu. The grant will help Tuvalu provide a better educational infrastructure for its citizens, while also preserving aspects of Tuvaluan culture. There are only 198 teachers on the island leading to a high ratio of pupils to teachers at 18:1. […]


Fighting Poverty in Tuvalu Through Community

Tuvalu (pronounced two-vah-loo) is a tiny island nation in the South Pacific. It is home to just around 11,500 people. They are the only ones in the world to speak their native language, and their way of life is very remote. The small island nation relies primarily on subsistence living. This completely redefines what poverty […]


Sustainable Agriculture in Tuvalu

Sustainable agriculture in Tuvalu, a small island developing state (SIDS), requires a cooperative network of individuals that understand and manage an unsure climate and disaster risk. Tuvalu consists of nine islands with its highest point being only a few meters above sea level. This makes for an unfriendly climate and physical environment as well as […]


Success of Humanitarian Aid to Tuvalu Slowly Brings Sustainability

Tuvalu is an independent island country consisting of nine islands in the South Pacific. As one of the smallest countries in the world, Tuvalu’s economy is constrained. This is also affected by the country’s remoteness. Despite Tuvalu remaining fiscally resilient, the poverty rate is still high. The small economy does not allow room to grow […]


Concentration on Tertiary Education Reduces Poverty

Education, in general, diminishes poverty, encourages economic growth and increases income. It improves the prospects of having a healthy life, reduces maternal mortality and battles epidemics including HIV/AIDS. Education fosters gender equality, reduces child marriage and promotes peace. In the late 20th century, the world shifted from being a skills-based society to a global, primarily […]


Prioritizing and Improving Human Rights in Tuvalu

Human rights violations occur to some groups in Tuvalu. Social patterns and traditions cause discrimination against women and minority religious groups. Women still lack land and child custody rights, and domestic violence remains a problem in the country. These violations call for an improvement and show why human rights in Tuvalu need to be a […]


Taiwan Provides Aid to Pacific Nations

Taiwan provides aid to Pacific nations amid Taiwan and China’s strife over diplomatic ties with nations like Tuvalu, Vanuatu and Fiji. These Pacific nations either align with the Taiwanese-backed Western coalition or the Chinese coalition. Background Nations in the Pacific Ocean typically have low GDPs, limited resources and populations below 1 million. As a result, […]