Name: Sarah Bradley
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Position: Writer

Fundraising Goal: $500

How did you get interested in global issues?
I became interested in global issues when I went to college, and I first started making friends with people from other countries. It was the first time I thought to think like someone who wasn’t American, and it helped me realize that even though I was seeing these new and different ways of living life, and of thinking about life, that deep down all humans are the same. The middle of our van diagrams is wider than the edges.

Why are you volunteering your time to serve the world’s poor?
Because it’s a chance for me to use my gifts for some practical good for people. Writing is something that comes to me naturally, and I would like to feel useful. Writing for The Borgen Project is a way for me to make use of my skills and build a portfolio. It also helps me practice being in a business environment with deadlines and assignments. Also, it goes without saying that an internship where I benefit others feels better than an internship where I just benefit myself.

Any interesting tidbits to share?
I’m not a singer by trade, but I love to sing: and I will do so literally anywhere: the mall, I will sing in a bus station, your mom’s kitchen- I will sing anywhere I am asked to. Heck, I will sing anywhere I’m not asked to. I will sing in direct defiance of your request not to, and I will have great time doing it.

A fun fact about me is that I also once broke my elbow because I got too hyped-up to see a rainbow. I might be America’s only rainbow related casualty. My friend mentioned there was a rainbow outside. In response I screamed “A RAINBOW! I LOVE RAINBOWS!” (Like a grown-up) and started sprinting towards the door. I fell down a full flight of stairs.

I didn’t get to see the rainbow: but my friends did give me a pretty detailed description of it on the ride to the hospital, which was nice of them.

My compassion/humility list:
For those who donate $250, I will write a song for you, and it can be about anything you like. Just give me the music you would like the song to be too (just name your favorite tune and I will rewrite the lyrics). I’m a singer not a musician, but if you name the song, and what you want the rewritten lyrics to be about, I write, record and send you a new song. If you want more than one song, it is an extra $150 dollar per song. Or, if you want a package deal and you’re really into my voice, a $500 donation will get you 5 songs, and a framed embroidered note that reads, “I helped the world’s poor: what did you do today?” that you can display in any room in your house.

I will do the following for any friends or family who donates in my honor…

1. Hug (I give the world’s best hugs, so they are a currency all their own.)
2. Draw a picture for you
3. Send you a homemade box of cookies.


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