Name: Sahana Salins
Location: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Role: HR Team member

Fundraising Goal: £400

How did you get interested in global issues?
Growing up in a country with a high level of poverty and seeing how it spread throughout the country and in my neighbourhood instilled in me a strong sense of social responsibility. Moreover, when I watch or read the news, I come across several global issues, and this has created much more awareness in me.

Why are you volunteering your time to serve the world’s poor?
Poverty is the ongoing global pandemic. We are all aware that it is hard to address all global concerns, but even little efforts on our part can have a significant impact on eradicating poverty, and The Borgen Project is giving people the opportunity to do just that. I continually consider all the people who have not had the same privileges that I have, and I firmly believe that everyone deserves to lead a happy and comfortable life. Even as I work for my hopes and objectives, I am continuously mindful of all the people who have not. This world can be a better place for everyone to live if we all unite together and cooperate to reduce poverty.

Any interesting tidbits to share?
I love travelling. I love to visit different countries to create memories and unwind from the stress of everyday life. Every year, I make an effort to plan an international trip. Although I would love to travel every month, my financial and employment obligations prevent me from doing so. Whenever I travel to my home country, I inevitably have to transit through different countries, and I use these opportunities to plan my itinerary accordingly so I can visit different countries in one trip. Travelling has sharpened my organisation and planning skills to ensure I have the most fun I can. Apart from travelling, I also like to read novels and garden.

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“Having made tremendous strides on behalf of impoverished families throughout the world, I applaud The Borgen Project for its tireless commitment to ending global poverty. Through strategic advocacy and public education, you are helping to shape U.S. policy for the betterment of mankind. We are proud to be home to visionary groups like The Borgen Project. You represent the best of who we are as a state and as a people – insightful thinkers, proactive leaders and inspiring problem-solvers, who are committed to redefining what is possible and, ultimately, to changing the world.”

– Gov. Jay Inslee (WA)





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