Kenya is an improving country that has the potential to be a strong power in Africa. Programs like World Bank and UNICEF are recognizing this potential in the country, and are providing funding to allow Kenya to reduce poverty and improve the lives of all citizens.

World Bank has approved a Sh340 billion loan to Kenya, equivalent of about $4 billion, to start during the 2014-2015 fiscal year. The loan will be a five-year partnership to increase opportunities and prosperity for all citizens.

An article in Standard Digital said, “The new five-year Country Partnership Strategy will help Kenya succeed in its efforts to boost economic growth, create more jobs for young people, build vital infrastructure, and devolve power to regional communities.”

The effects of this loan are intended to reach all citizens. It will help the poorest people develop and will protect the vulnerable from slipping into poverty. This way, people at all economic levels will benefit from the prosperity the loan will bring.

World Bank hopes the loan will remove some power from the government and give more power to the citizens. The goal is to improve the standard of living for everyday citizens by supporting them, their businesses and their communities. They are also emphasizing the need for more jobs in agriculture and establishing permanent incomes for farmers.

UNICEF is also supporting Kenya and their goal of improving the lives of street children. With their help, the Kenyan government is able to allocate Sh276 million to the rehabilitation of street children.

Labour Secretary Kazungu Kambi said that this year, “orphans and vulnerable children, persons with disabilities and elderly will receive Sh12 billion in cash transfers.”

Developments have already been seen in decreasing poverty, improving diets and increasing school enrollment.

Schooling is a main focus of the Kenyan government. In the past 10 years, large amounts of money have been put toward improving education systems and providing free schooling for all citizens. By eradicating all obstacles to education and other basic services, the government hopes to see an improvement in overall child welfare.

World Bank and UNICEF, in collaboration with the Kenyan government, are making strides toward ending poverty in Kenya. These financial assistances are just the first step in ensuring that Kenya’s people are prosperous and the country reaches its full potential.

– Hannah Cleveland 

Sources: All Africa, Standard Digital
Photo: USAID