Let’s go over the basics for navigating The Borgen Project’s political work.


1. We list all key legislation and action items on the “Legislation & Programs” page. Under each bill, you can learn…

  • What to say when you call.
  • Links for reading the bill and viewing cosponors.
  • Links to the page for emailing the leader.


2. Cosponsors are…


3. You’ll want to see if your leader has cosponsored a bill already. To do so, go to the legislation page and click the cosponsors link below the bills. Look to see if your leader is listed as a cosponsor. Note that Senators can only cosponsor bills that are in the Senate and Representatives can only cosponsor bills in the House of Representatives.


4. Bills that start with an S. are in the Senate. Bills that start with H.R. are in the House of Representatives.