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Thailand’s Intensified Measures Against Polio

In 2014, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that “the spread of polio is an international public health emergency.” The polio virus is transmitted through contaminated food and water and it multiplies in the intestine. It can also invade the nervous system and cause spinal and respiratory paralysis in one in every 200 infections. The disease […]


Thailand: An Experiment in Family Planning

In Thailand in 1974 most families had seven children each, establishing an average growth rate of 3.3 percent. Having upwards of seven children put many women at risk for pregnancy related deaths and often led to many children being raised in mother-less homes. With such a high growth rate, much of Thailand’s population was quickly […]


The AIDS Crisis in Thailand

When many think of places most devastated by the AIDS crisis, usually Sub-Saharan Africa first comes to mind. However, the disease also has spread to parts of South and Southeast Asia, where it is perhaps not as destructive, but still a major public health concern. Countries such as Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines and Sri Lanka […]


Street Children of Thailand

Most of us know our birth dates, where we are sleeping tonight and who are parents are. But for street children of Thailand, those three pieces of information are unlikely to be known. The United Nations estimated that there is a population of 150 million street children worldwide. Due to Thailand’s growing population and economic […]


HumanTrafficking in Thailand Raise Suspicion

In a strange case, nine surrogate babies were found in “suspicious circumstances” in a Bangkok condo, raising suspicion over possible human trafficking in Thailand. While there were no birth certificates for the children, they were all under good health and had a personal nanny when they were found. Nevertheless, the suspicious story has only gained […]


Effects of the Junta in Thailand

Since May 22, 2014, Thailand has been under the strict reign of a military junta. Many worried about the immediate effects of the ousting of the prime minister and the social upheaval it spawned. Two months later, Thailand remains under the same leadership with the detrimental effects to their economy to prove it. Domestic demand […]


Thailand Under Threat of US Aid Withdrawal

As of  June 24, the United States announced the possibility of reducing U.S. foreign aid to the Kingdom of Thailand in response to the repressive military junta. Typically, Thailand receives about $10.5 million in security-based aid from the U.S., and Washington, D.C. recently cut off $4.7 million from their long-time ally. Another sign of high […]


Secret Military Detentions in Thailand

As of late, Thailand has been struggling to produce a functional government. A coup in 2006 led to a military supported democratic government, which in the past six months, has suffered heavy street protests. This led to its fall and another coup on May 22 of this year. The new military junta has decided to […]


School Lunch Program in Thailand Targets Malnutrition

Thailand is known for having one of the best nutritional programs in Asia. According to the World Food Programme (WFP), Thailand has successfully dropped child malnutrition from 36% to approximately 8.42% within 30 years. Thailand’s success stemmed from an in-depth look at growth rates, nutritional education, supplementation of iron and vitamins, as well as a […]