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Curbing the Spread of Vector-Borne Disease

The theme of this year’s World Health Day, held annually on April 7th, was to promote the awareness of vector-borne diseases. Vector-borne diseases are transmitted through the bites of infected mosquitoes, flies, ticks and water snails, among other disease-carrying pests. This year the World Health Organization (WHO) promoted the slogan “small bite, big threat,” in the […]


The Internet’s Role in Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking exists in the United States. Sex traffickers target women and children with histories of addiction, abuse and even issues with debt and use manipulation to keep these victims trapped in the sex trafficking industry. The leaders in sex trafficking use violence and threats against the victims loved ones as means to force these […]


Cambodia’s Virginity Trade

A third of Cambodians live on less than a dollar a day, economic mobility is limited and shark loans are rampant. Many families have been resorting to prostituting their young daughters out of financial desperation. Often times, brokers—themselves once victims of sex trade—would convince mothers to sell their virgin daughters. Debt-stricken and living below the […]


3 Ways to Volunteer Abroad

There are many different ways to make an impact in the fight against global poverty. Volunteering abroad is one option that offers numerous ways to help. Volunteer abroad programs offer a variety of opportunities to help global communities. Whether you are interested in teaching children, building schools or helping communities establish cleaner water supplies, there […]


Modern Slavery in Hong Kong

Modern slavery is a different institution from the historical examples of slavery that we learn about in textbooks. In the 21st century, slavery is illegal in the majority of the world. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 declared, “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” and “no one shall be held in […]


How Protecting the Environment Alleviates Poverty

A common misconception is that protecting the environment exacerbates poverty in poor nations because it prevents agricultural development and the ability to harvest natural resources. This is far from the truth. In fact, environmental protection initiatives actually help alleviate poverty. A study done in Costa Rica reveals that ecotourism efforts contribute to decreased poverty levels in […]


Human Trafficking Exposed in Malaysia

In northern Malaysia, human traffickers were discovered holding Rohingya Muslims prisoner in houses. According to details from the prisoners, they were abused, demanding to be freed by ransom from their families and suffering from severe malnutrition. Rohingya are Muslims from Burma and are one of the most oppressed minorities in the world; many have been […]


READ Global Removes ‘Foreign’ from Aid

The organization READ Global has turned the concept of ‘foreign’ aid on its head. What once began as a rural library outreach program in Nepal has grown into a massive network of educational centers spanning three countries and reaching 2 million rural villagers. Founded by Dr. Antonia Neubauer in 1991, the Rural Education and Development […]


Film Synopsis: Whores’ Glory

“Whores’ Glory” is Australian film-maker Michael Glawogger’s third documentary in a series including “Megacities” and “Workingman’s Death.” The film travels from Thailand to Bangladesh to Mexico into the lives of local prostitutes; three countries, three cultures, three religions – one profession. At the Fish Bowl in Thailand, women sit behind a one-way glass fixing their […]