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How Protecting the Environment Alleviates Poverty

A common misconception is that protecting the environment exacerbates poverty in poor nations because it prevents agricultural development and the ability to harvest natural resources. This is far from the truth. In fact, environmental protection initiatives actually help alleviate poverty. A study done in Costa Rica reveals that ecotourism efforts contribute to decreased poverty levels in […]


Human Trafficking Exposed in Malaysia

In northern Malaysia, human traffickers were discovered holding Rohingya Muslims prisoner in houses. According to details from the prisoners, they were abused, demanding to be freed by ransom from their families and suffering from severe malnutrition. Rohingya are Muslims from Burma and are one of the most oppressed minorities in the world; many have been […]


READ Global Removes ‘Foreign’ from Aid

The organization READ Global has turned the concept of ‘foreign’ aid on its head. What once began as a rural library outreach program in Nepal has grown into a massive network of educational centers spanning three countries and reaching 2 million rural villagers. Founded by Dr. Antonia Neubauer in 1991, the Rural Education and Development […]


Film Synopsis: Whores’ Glory

“Whores’ Glory” is Australian film-maker Michael Glawogger’s third documentary in a series including “Megacities” and “Workingman’s Death.” The film travels from Thailand to Bangladesh to Mexico into the lives of local prostitutes; three countries, three cultures, three religions – one profession. At the Fish Bowl in Thailand, women sit behind a one-way glass fixing their […]


Common Cold Remedies from Across the Globe

In most parts of the rural world, obtaining over-the-counter medication for a cold isn’t an option. Despite Tylenol’s world-wide market and the growing popularity of Vicks and Sudafed, sometimes the availability or the price of these products, or the unmistakably Western feel of them, makes them unappealing to parts of the globe. There are stubborn old grandmothers […]


Chikungunya: What is it and What Can We Do?

Picture the beautiful Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Madagascar. Then picture the repulsive Aedes albopictus, a pesty little vermin that’s biting its way to the top of the World’s 100 Worst Invasive Alien Species list. Put them together and you get an island devastated by the chikungunya epidemic, […]


Refugee Population Down, Worrying Up

The updated 2013 population figures for refugee camps on the Thai-Burmese border show a decrease of 7.1 percent, according to The Border Consortium (TBC), an NGO that works with refugees and displaced people from Burma. A majority of the departures from the camps, 7,649, consist of refugees leaving for  a third country under the UNHCR’s […]


Bill Gates Sees Poverty’s End

The World Economic Forum is held every year for top leaders, thinkers and businessmen around the world to meet in Davos, Switzerland. The topics and discussions are over a range of ideas, but they all focus on making and shaping the world into a better place for everyone and achieving  poverty’s end. Bill Gates has […]


The Tragedy of Climate Change

One of the great tragedies of climate change is that extreme weather events and unpredictable patterns disproportionately affect the world’s poor.  This includes nations like the Philippines but also the poor in the United States.  To understand why this happens we must examine the geography of climate change impacts. Nations that are near or below […]