Revealing American’s Misperceptions of Foreign Aid

This short video release by the ONE Campaign in late 2012 reveals some interesting things about the average American’s knowledge of foreign aid. The video compiles a series of brief interviews into a cohesive narrative on the American people’s perception of this critical aspect of U.S. foreign policy. The video asks provocative questions such as, “What percentage of the U.S. budget do you think is spent on foreign aid?”,  “How many people do you think are receiving lifesaving AIDS treatment”, and “Do you think it’s part of American core values to have a humanitarian agenda?”  The answers are initially disconcerting but turn hopeful and informative.  Many of those interviewed were grossly misinformed about the U.S. foreign aid budget and the successes of USAID abroad. However, the majority of respondents featured in the video were very open minded to the prospect of increasing foreign aid after learning some basic facts. Videos like this are essential to informing the American public about the importance and effectiveness of U.S. foreign aid.

–  Josh Forgét