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Michael Kors: World Food Programme Ambassador

Michael Kors: World Food Programme Ambassador
World-renowned fashion designer Michael Kors is helping feed hungry people around the world. Through his Watch Hunger Stop campaign, which launched in 2013, he has delivered 10 million meals to hungry children.

Kors’ brand partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme in 2013. Together, they have sought to create a world with zero hunger.

After first partnering with World Food Programme (WFP), Kors said, “Millions of people all over the world are struggling to feed themselves, and their families, every day. I want to lend my voice and my efforts to this international cause.”

Since then, Kors has been involved in Watch Hunger Stop, where each sale of a Michael Kors 100 Series watch enabled 100 children in need to receive a nutritious meal through WFP.

Additionally, Kors donated 100 meals for every “selfless selfie” which featured fans posing in Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop t-shirts.

Kors says, “We couldn’t have done this without the compassion and efforts of our fans and customers whose support of this important cause is inspiring.”

In 2014, actress Halle Berry worked alongside Kors for Watch Hunger Stop. This year, actress Kate Hudson will partner with Kors and WFP.

Hudson says, “As a mother, I can’t think of anything more important than raising a healthy and educated generation of children and WFP’s School Meals Program is committed to exactly that. This is a cause that I’m eager to be a part of because I believe we can all make a real and significant difference.”

In October 2015, Hudson and Kors will launch two limited-edition styles of the Bradshaw watch. With every sale of the Bradshaw 100. 100 children will be given a meal through WFP School Meals program. In addition, customers and visitors to Michael Kors retail stores can make a donation to World Food Programme at the register.

In July 2015, Kors was recognized for his efforts to end world hunger; he was named a Global Ambassador Against Hunger for the United Nations World Food Programme.

“It’s an honor to be named a Global Ambassador Against Hunger, and a further inspiration to me to continue the important work of ending world hunger hand in hand with WFP.”

To encourage others to contribute to the battle with hunger, he says, “We’re making real progress toward our goal of zero hunger. You can see a visible reaction, a positive reaction, when you hand someone a plate of food. Whether you get involved on a local level, a national level or a global level, you really make a difference in people’s lives. We have enough food in the world for everyone. The challenge is to get people to realize this and to work to change.”

To find out more about Kors’ Watch Hunger Stop campaign, visit their website or Michael Kors’ website.

Kelsey Parrotte

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