Name: Josh Forgét
City, State: Rochester, NY
Role: Blogger

How did you get interested in global issues? My experiences in Europe as a teenager got me interested in International Relations. Between the ages of 14 and 18 I was able to visit Northern Ireland, Italy, and Switzerland through my membership in a youth orchestra in Rochester.  I continued my music studies in college with a minor in history, earning my Bachelor of Arts in May of this year. I also studied political science along with Russian and Italian in college.  My fascination with the music and culture of Russia led me to take a class on Russia in the 20th century.  Naturally, the Cold War was a significant part of this course and I became interested in International Relations. Today, I plan on earning a master’s degree in International Affairs.

What do you do when you’re not fighting global poverty? I work at the Nazareth College Center for International Education in Rochester as the Student Ambassador Coordinator.  I also play piano for local musicals, work out, and study Russian language and history in my spare time.

What have you learned/found interesting since joining The Borgen Project? I have become very interested in the relationship between extreme poverty and the rise of terrorist organizations.  I am particularly interested in the rise of radical Islamic terrorist groups in the former Soviet states of Central Asia.

Any interesting tidbits to share? In high school I wanted to be a film composer!

– Abby Stewart