MedShare and the Utilization of Waste

Two million tons of medical supplies are wasted annually by American hospitals. At the same time, ten million children from developing countries don’t receive the medical attention they need to survive. Such a large amount of waste of such important necessities is unacceptable.

MedShare is dedicated to the recovery of these life-changing supplies. The non-profit organization collected over $100 million worth of supplies and equipment that was going to be thrown out from hospitals and corporations. This has had a profound effect on the people who would not receive this medical attention otherwise.

The first step MedShare undergoes is the collection of the supplies. These supplies can be anything from leftover equipment to waste found in landfills. MedShare has collected two million cubic feet of waste from landfills that can be used for medical treatment.
MedShare then figures out what communities most need the collected supplies. One thousand different boxes of medical supplies have been shipped out to meet the specific needs of those that find themselves without proper medical care.

Finally, the supplies are shipped out. They are immediately at the disposal of those suffering from illness and injury. Developing countries are provided sufficient medical care at no cost due to the work of MedShare and its donors.

The numbers backing MedShare’s support of those in need are staggering. More than 2,100 medical teams have been given $2.5 million in medical supplies to work with. The amount of supplies shipped to over 93 developing countries equates to 950 full tractor-trailers. MedShare has been named a top charity on Charity Navigator for their contributions.

Millions have reaped the benefits of MedShare’s dedication to efficiency and the utilization of what others view as waste. For more information on this important cause, visit the MedShare website.

– William Norris

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