Name: Maria Ryan

Location: Scotland

Role: HR Team member

Fundraising Goal: £400

I am delighted to be currently working as a HR intern for The Borgen Project, this is a non-profit organization mobilizing the people behind the efforts of making global poverty, a greater political priority. I am incredibly passionate about the issues that they are addressing in regards to making world poverty a greater political matter, reinforcing the need for foreign aid, addressing world starvation, as well as allowing less economically developed countries have greater access to trade with other countries and advance economically. As part of my role as an intern I am responsible for networking with MPS, where I am emphasising the importance of such issues and the need for action, with the aim of this being a priority for them. I am also responsible for fundraising £400 towards this organization. Working for this organization has made me recognize the importance of the work that The Borgen Project is carrying out in addressing today’s disconcerting poverty crisis. Please do not hesitiate to contact me regarding any additional information needed in regards to my fundraising efforts. Please click the link below to donate:



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