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MAP International: Distributing Medicines Globally

MAP International
Map International is a Christian charitable organization, providing medicine to and preventing diseases for people and communities living in poverty.

In 1958, a major pharmaceutical company wanted to donate a surplus of medicine worth $25,000. J. Raymond Knighton, the director of a Christian nonprofit organization which oversaw the fellowship of doctors and students, knew exactly who needed the medicine most and accepted the task. Since then, MAP International has worked to fulfill its mission to distribute medicines and supplies to communities over the world.

MAP International has developed two signature programs: Medicine Shipments and Total Health Villages. Through the former, MAP International ships medicines and supplies to the developing countries and people who need them the most. For example, MAP International plans to raise $200,000 in needed medicines for those in El Salvador, $1,500,000 in Niger, $800,000 for Guatemala and $317,000 in the Philippines. It has already reached its goal for Niger and is still looking for support in order to accomplish the others.

MAP International has provided approximately $4 billion worth of  medicines since 1954. Since 1990, it has benefited over 2 billion people in 174 countries and extends the lives of over 25 million annually.

MAP also promotes the Total Health program, where communities improve their own health in a comprehensive and holistic way. The goal of the program is to ensure that the participating villages are able to solve their own problems.

These villages,  focus on the promotion of holistic beings through the prevention and treatment of diseases. To be more specific, the program supports sustainable practices such as teaching skills in livestock care to increase production and providing agricultural training and strategies.

Thus, the program focuses on long-term improvements in the village’s welfare. Total Health villages are expected to come up with innovative solutions when facing their own problems.

Also, MAP International has water sanitation programs in Kenya and can quickly respond to disasters. The organization is active in Bolivia, Cote d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia and Uganda. MAP International earns its significant 98 percent efficiency rate due in large part to their endeavors to help people around the world.

Jing Xu

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