Name: Katie McAllister

Location: Northern Ireland

Role: Nonprofit Leadership Team member

Fundraising Goal: £500

Hi Everyone! My name is Katie and I am an intern at The Borgen Project. Like many others on my team I have a passion for addressing global issues and believe in creating a voice for those who have had it taken away. In my career I want to do more to help address some of the world’s more complicated problems, such as poverty. I believe that in one or more point in our lives, we will all struggle and will need the support from someone around us. This page is a reminder of how many people around the world are in need of that help right now! One of my roles in this position is to run a fundraising campaign. I understand during these uncertain times that donating money can be a big ask, but however much you would be willing to give would be incredible kind and very much appreciated! If you are unable to donate please try to share and raise awareness about this cause, by choosing not to forget about the people who need helped the most. We are all human and a little bit of kindness is all that’s needed to help make this world a better place.



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September 20, 2023

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September 18, 2023

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