Name: Juanhao Huang

Location: London

Role: Nonprofit Leadership Team member

Fundraising Goal: £400

I am volunteering with The Borgen Project because I am deeply passionate about the challenges and potential of addressing global poverty, a sentiment that has been solidified throughout my academic and project-based experiences. Studying Geography at the University College London has opened my eyes to the complexities of sustainable development, human geography, and urban planning, areas in which I’ve actively engaged, notably in the study of the role of NGOs in poverty alleviation. My interest in global issues arises from the belief that we are interconnected in a global ecosystem, and addressing global poverty and inequality not only improves individual lives but also enhances the global community’s stability and prosperity. By contributing to The Borgen Project’s fundraising efforts, I hope to make a tangible difference in these areas and work towards a more equitable world.



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