Investing in Social Enterprises to End Global Poverty

The Adventure Project, founded in 2010 by Becky Straw and Jody Landers, invests in social enterprises to end global poverty across the world.

The Adventure Project comes up with low-cost, yet high-impact solutions that lead to the creation of jobs that improve communities and save lives. The Adventure Project provides necessary support to local community members to enhance their skills to develop products and services. The support from the Project helps communities become profitable entrepreneurs and creates successful, sustainable, social ventures that are beneficial to their entire community.

In this way, The Adventure Project sets itself apart from many other nonprofit organizations. Instead of providing direct monetary charity that might not directly benefit members of the community in long-term development, The Adventure Project helps impoverished individuals personalize and gain their own skills and businesses that allow hard work and hands-on involvement in their own development. Therefore, community members create the solutions to their distinct issues.

The founders’ hard work is evident through their difficult journey to make The Adventure Project the success that it is today. Co-founder Becky Straw maxed out her credit cards, stayed on friends’ couches, and devoted several hours to develop, build, and find the financial structure necessary to create a successful business plan. Co-founder Jody Landers used her adoption of two children for Sierra Leone as a catalyst for devoting her life to humanitarian work via The Adventure Project. The founders’ passion for investing in social capital has created a positive impact for many donors and recipients.

And now, through the Adventure Project, Becky Straw and Jody Landers, as well as their many partners, offer people the opportunity to reach their own goals and become successful on their own by investing in social enterprises to end global poverty.

– Angela Hooks

Sources: Business Insider