Investec Asset Management Thrives in Global Market

When thinking about helping the world’s poor, your first thought might not involve corporations, investment firms and business analysts. The employees of Investec Asset Management are not just business people—they believe they have a responsibility to society as a whole.

Investec Asset Management kicked off in South Africa in 1991, where the small start-up quickly expanded to an international business, delivering investment products and services to institutions, advisory clients and individuals all over the world. It manages up to $117 billion for its global clients. It currently employs around 6,000 people and considers its headquarters in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland. It also has banking operations in Switzerland, Mauritius, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Jersey, Namibia, Botswana, Canada, Taiwan and the United States. Needless to say, Investec Asset Management is making its mark on a lot of places.

“As long-term asset managers, we are deeply aware of our broader responsibility to society,” states the website. “We seek to make a positive impact by focusing on initiatives that support local communities and their environments, thereby contributing to the success of future generations.” One recent example of an initiative is its partnership with the sports and education charity, which helps children in the city of Kayamandi.

It’s also partnered with a project called “ProMaths,” which helps children in more disadvantaged regions of South Africa improve their math and science skills. This initiative has proved to be such a success that it was awarded the Mail & Guardian Investing In The Future STEM award. Another initiative is the “Tusk Conservation Awards.” In partnership with Tusk Trust, the awards celebrate those who have worked hard to conserve animals and their environment.

Investec Asset Management believes that we are a global market and must be more aware of global opportunities. It is working with 1,100 charities to help improve the world’s weaknesses.

– Melissa Binns

Sources: Investec Asset Management, Mail & Guardian
Photo: Flickr