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How to Throw a Great Fundraiser

The 8 essential elements of a successful fundraiser:

  1. Have a Hook – While it would be lovely if people spontaneously wanted to give money to a cause without incentive it is rather unlikely. People need to be drawn in and given a reason to want to show up. Have a particular element that will excite people and make them enthusiastic about attending. For example a theme party, a party centered around an activity like rock-climbing or learning to make pottery, or an auction.
  2. Perfect Your Guest List – It matters who attends. You want people who are enthusiastic and will add life to the fundraiser and make people feel engaged. You also want people who want to give. It is important to have dynamic individuals who can spark other peoples’ excitement about the cause and spur the donating!
  3. Send Irresistible Invites – Visuals are key. People respond to snazzy invitations that look like time and effort went into them. Exciting graphics can turn an RSVP from no to yes. The goal is to impress people with how awesome the fundraiser looks so that they want to rearrange their schedules to attend.
  4. Minimize Costs – Breaking the bank on the party planning takes away from how much money is raised. Better to find sponsors and businesses willing to donate. If you plan accordingly you can cobble together small donations from a number of businesses. Asking for manageable amounts of food, drink, or prizes increases the likelihood of getting a yes. Or finding someone to sponsor the event can be a great way to help a business get its name out there and cover all your costs.
  5. Host Their Pants Off – Everyone loves to feel special and appreciated. Giving each party attendee a little personalized attention can go a long way towards opening someone’s checkbook. It is also important to be calm and together – exuding confidence helps others feel good about giving and certain that their money is going to the right place. Be able to succinctly discuss the cause for the fundraiser.
  6. Get the Message Across – It is important that the fundraiser actually be fun so that guests will relax and enjoy themselves. Have someone give a very concise presentation about the cause – give them the need to know the info in a digestible way.
  7. Make the Giving Part Easy – Create a simple way for people to give after they hear about how awesome the cause is. Having tables set up by all the doors with friendly volunteers to accept donations is a pleasant way of reminding people to give. Having donation boxes set up throughout the event space also makes it easy for guests to donate at their convenience. Make it clear what forms of donation are accepted and make sure you have it clearly written who checks should be made out to near any donation spots.
  8. Follow Up With Thanks – Send thank you notes to everyone who donated. Showing appreciation makes people feel good about giving and increases the likelihood of that person becoming a regular donor. Letting people know their contribution matters also makes it likely that they will mention your cause to others. Word of mouth is a great way to promote the cause!

– Zoë Meroney

Source: iVillage,Indiegogo Blog
Photo: WordPress