In collaboration with Hard Rock International and grassroots organization WhyHunger, the legendary Japanese artist and peace activist Yoko Ono has brought “Imagine There’s No Hunger” to Bali. This global campaign to end childhood hunger and poverty was launched in 2008, inspired by her late husband John Lennon’s iconic song “Imagine,” and his vision for a world at peace.

Imagine There’s No Hunger uses a community-based approach to create sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty. In addition to meeting the everyday nutritional needs of children in developing nations, Imagine There’s No Hunger partners with grassroots organizations to engage young people and their families to establish farms using sustainable agroecological production methods. Doing so simultaneously helps create income-earning opportunities that are grounded in a sustainable local economy.

According to the WhyHunger website, Imagine There’s No Hunger and its partners are ultimately working to ensure that impoverished children and their communities will be fed today and will have the resources to feed themselves for years to come.

In its six years of operation, Imagine There’s No Hunger has helped communities in 22 countries grow enough food to provide more than 7.2 million nutritious meals for children in need. Their campaign comes to life during November and December of each year through merchandise sales at Hard Rock, food drives and live music events.

This year, Yoko Ono, Hard Rock International and WhyHunger have brought the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign to Bali. By partnering with the Sole Men Indonesia Foundation, the campaign hopes to continue its work feeding people in low-income areas, creating permaculture gardens to encourage self-sufficiency and proving therapy for the community’s disabled people.

Through the joint efforts of these passionate partners, John Lennon’s infamous dream of a world without hunger is on its way to becoming reality.

– Tara Young
Sources: FSR Magazine, The Jakarta Post
Photo: Why Hunger