GUBA Wins International Corporate Social Responsibility Award
The International Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award has been given to the Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards, otherwise known as GUBA. The International Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Awards, according to the website, are given to ‘companies that care.’

This year marked the first ever award ceremony, and the high turnout marked it an incredible success. The awards were presented on July 28, aboard the HMS Belfast on the Thames River, located in Southern England. The awards were given in various categories: community, CSR programme, education, environment, sustainability, volunteering, and more. The Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards won the ‘international category.’ Other winners under the international category included Sustainable Technologies SL and Mission Hills China.

Mission Hills China is a resort complex that includes amenities such as a hotel, spa facility, and a golf course, and is listed as a ‘fully integrated resort complex.’ Mission Hills China promotes well-being and hosts holiday retreats. Sustainable Technologies SL is an organization that aims to create renewable energy. It also has components of research, development, energy management, environmental protection, and waste water treatment.  Both of these companies were sufficient enough to receive the International Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award for the ‘international category,’ which indicates that both companies are highly ranked in regards to corporate social responsibility. They care about their customers as well as the environment and the community – not just the bottom line of profit.

To find the winners of the International Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Awards, Britain launched a national campaign to find the leading companies in Britain that care not only for their companies but also for the surrounding community. The Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards won over more than 100 other nominees, and was deemed one of the most socially conscious organizations. The Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards began in 2010 and is a yearly ceremony that is incredibly prestigious. The awards are given to the British Ghanaian community to celebrate the services in the UK and Ghana provided for Ghanaians. The Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards are part of a nonprofit organization within the community of Ghanaians; proceeds of the awards are given to charitable organizations. The Ghana High Commission to the UK and Ireland supports the organization. It raises the profile of Ghana and creates better cultural diversity within the UK.

An example of the Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards is Armajaro Trading, which won the award for Best Corporate Business. Other categories include Best Professional, Best Creative Writer, and Best Charity Organization. The Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards won the award for the International CSR Excellence Award, and it will also be published in the Global Guide to CSR Best Practice, due to its international work and ability to fulfill its social responsibilities. Dentaa, the chief executive officer of the GUBA Awards, commented that GUBA wishes to create growth in the African community in the business, education, sports, and entertainment sectors.

Overall, the achievement of this award allows the fairly new organization to gain awareness and prestige. One GUBA’s focuses is to raise awareness about autism, and receiving this award gives them the perfect platform to do so. The GUBA organization has shown its commitment to communities, and perhaps will inspire other British-based organizations, or any international organizations, to care more about their communities and their corporate social responsibilities.

Corina Balsamo

Sources: VIBE Ghana , GUBA Awards, CSR Awards
Photo: Pixbay