Name: Graciella Saucedo-Rivera
Location: Chicago
Position: PR/Marketing Intern

Fundraising Goal: $500

How did you get interested in global issues?
I’m interested in global issues for a multitude of reasons. Frankly, I believe that the globe’s issues are our issues. We share our earth with billions of other inhabitants that are our brothers and sisters, and yet we live in such different societies, we face different challenges, and our quality of life is so vastly separate. But why?

I believe in equality. I believe that I should be allowed the same access to education as girls in Guatemala and Syria and that all women deserve basic human rights. I believe that issues of economics, social justice, natural disasters, violent crises, education, gender, race and religion are my problems because I believe that people are created equal, yet we are divided by privilege on one hand and adversities on the other. And I’m not the only one! Communities of people show alliances to their brothers in sisters experiencing hardships all the time. Consider the various religious communities that supported and donated their condolences and aid to Jewish communities in ruins after a synagogue shooting in October of 2018.

I’m an advocate for justice for those who are currently experiencing catastrophes and other hardship because I believe helping your neighbors is the ethical thing to do, especially when you have the capacity to do so. There have been so many times during my life that my neighbors and loved ones have helped me in one way or another for no reason other than the kindness of their hearts, and I don’t take that kindness for granted. I extend that same compassion to the people of the globe.

Why are you volunteering your time to serve the world’s poor?
I’m volunteering my time because I believe that my pursuit of collegiate education gives me a unique perspective on how to address global issues that may be a unique contribution. Global issues are composed of a myriad of elements, of which government, economics, religion, and business are a part of. I have a well-rounded understanding of these elements given my enrollment and experience within the school of business. My insight can be useful when coordinating financial aid for regions in distress, how to apply such aid in an efficient way, and by utilizing a business-focused perspective to understand global issues at their core.

I feel that the best use of my education is to apply it to those who either don’t have access to higher education or who are skilled in other fields. Secondly, I believe that I have a unique perspective on global issues given that I am a millennial, person of color, young woman, and I come from a diverse socio-economic background. I want to apply my specialized knowledge, understanding and perspective to work that is more meaningful than the average American corporation. Instead, I’d like to use my knowledge and to contribute to global safety in creative ways.

Any interesting tidbits to share?
I’m very interested in the study of religion and its role in society and social interactions. I’m pursuing a religious dimensions minor at DePaul University, and I am thrilled by all I’ve learned so far.

Although religion is yet another thing that divides us as people, it is an aspect that both makes a group of people completely unique and bounds them to a plethora of people around the world. Religion grounds people, installs ethics and belief systems, ideas of history and significance, and determines interactions with outsiders.

Religion is something to be considerate of, especially when interacting with a group of people across the globe. In some cases, one’s religion can be incredibly important in their composure and behaviors towards certain people or events. It’s important to be aware of the social and spiritual dimensions of any society of people when attempting to understand the nature of their hardships and which avenues might be successful in helping them.


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