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Girl Power on the Rise with “The Day of the Girl”

Passionate young women from across the globe are leading The Day of the Girl, an international campaign that fights for gender equality and girls’ rights worldwide. The Day of the Girl recognizes that girls are often treated with neglect and condescension in many spheres of life. The campaign’s mission is to increase opportunities for young girls through education and technology, and to help girls realize their full potential and become more engaged in their communities.Some of the specific issues that The Day of the Girl seeks to address include: sex trafficking, negative media portrayals, relationship abuse, female mutilation and gender equality in work, sports and education. In response to these issues, The Day of the Girl invites girls from around the world to join them in its campaign.As part of The Day of the Girl campaign, girls are encouraged to get involved in their schools and communities, where they will be in the position to voice their opinion. The campaign also advocates for “girlcotting,” a creative and empowering way for girls to express their power as consumers by saying “no” to corporations that perpetuate the denigration of women. Sisterhood and sharing are both important campaign concepts.One of the greatest achievements that the campaign has attained is the official UN recognition of the International Day of the Girl. In 2011, the international organization announced that October 11th would henceforth be recognized as a day to consider the challenges faced by girls, and to focus the world’s attention on empowering and advancing opportunities for girls.This year’s theme is centered around innovating education for girls. The Day of the Girl campaign and other supporters have recognized that school is a critical time for girls to learn information that will not only benefit them, but also result in social improvements, like poverty reduction and democratization.  The campaign will be joined by Hollywood star, Freida Pinto, best known for her performances in “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Planet of the Apes.” Pinto will accompany a number of female students from across the world to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child in New York. The event will focus on promoting access to education for all girls, along with addressing technologies and innovations that will help mobilize the community of girlhood.- Chante Owens

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