Name: GiGi Williams
Location: Vacaville, CA
Position: Political Affairs Intern

Fundraising Goal: $500

How did you get interested in global issues?
Early in my college career, I became enthralled in my courses that revolved around the current state of the world we live and how our shared pasts paved the way for where we all stand now, no matter the part of the world we live in. More than the vague sweeping topic of history interested me – social anthropology intrigued me, political sociology fascinated me, while macroeconomics and statistics engrossed me. My education and firsthand experience forged the worldview I still hold to this day, which is the intimate understanding that we hold the power to leave this world a better place than we found it; and while the first step is learning how we can accomplish this goal, the second lies in sharing the knowledge, with the third being to take those shared steps together.

Why are you volunteering your time to serve the world’s poor?
Civil and regional conflicts rarely stay secluded to one part of the world, but rather spread disease, warfare, international drug and crime syndicates, and terrorism everywhere – which puts our citizens at risk. Costly humanitarian aid can arise where cost effective advocacy could have been provided, and refugees pour in to our most vulnerable communities and endure more poverty as a result, while their homelands fall asunder to civil war and environmental degradation which only grows more consuming. By stopping extreme poverty, we will stop the spread of violence which naturally affects us all.

Any interesting tidbits to share?
I currently work as a therapist for children with autism, helping them learn to navigate through the world whilst still having their various handicaps. Prior to this position, I worked for the Vacaville Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club – the very same location I attended as a child. I like to spend my time volunteering for organizations I believe in, while maintaining my 3.7 GPA in the hopes that I will one day enter into a Master’s Program for Public Policy, and go on to work as a congressional staffer. I hope to one day play a pivotal role in pioneering legislation that better protects the civil liberties of deaf inmates, temporary workers, and autistic children dealing with our current education system – as well as fight for the other unseen communities our society often overlooks.

My compassion/humility list:
I will do the following for any friends or family who donates in my honor…

1. I will help tutor you in English for a paper to write, or a novel to better comprehend for upwards of two hours if you donate $20.00 or more.
2. I will be happy to spend a weekend or weekday evening babysitting for you so that you may enjoy your night out if you donate $30.00 or more for any length of time.
3. I will personally deliver a week’s worth of dinner or dessert for you if you donate $100.00 or more, as well as assist in chores around your house for you, or lend a hand in errands you are otherwise too busy to handle.


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