Ashok Bharti inciting Bangladesh Crowd

Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) has a vision to eradicate global poverty. The organization is encouraging more dialogue and conversation about the The Millennium Declaration Goals (MDGs) which came to fruition in 2000 will expire in 2015. With two years left until the expiration of the MDGs, questions about the effectiveness of the Millennium Declaration Goals have been asked. The world is a very different place than it was 13 years ago. GCAP Global Council Co-Chair, Amitabh Behar explains, “Since the Millennium Declaration was drafted in 2000, our world has changed dramatically.”

Many people feel that by having early discussions the strength of the movement to end poverty will only grow. Having conferences such as this one in Dhaka, Bangladesh will bring to the forefront the main issues which need to be addressed in 2 years to assist in the process to eradicate global poverty. “I hope that your deliberations here in Dhaka will help shape a new world where justice, peace and equity will be the core of development,” Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told the gathering. During the conference in Dhaka, one of the main topics addressed has been new solutions to eradicate global poverty.

One GCAP member at the conference believes once everybody is included and social exclusion is a concept of the past, the strength of the movement to end poverty will intensify. GCAP Global Council member Ashok Barti, stated “We want poverty and hunger to be eradicated from this world. Focusing on inequalities alone is not likely to address this issue. We need to keep exclusion at its center. The agenda of inequality in post-2015 needs to be focused on exclusion.”

Amitabh Behar believes that in order to make the end of poverty a reality, society must not be afraid follow dreams and push to make this happen. Behar expresses, “We have often ended up with very pragmatic approaches [to development]. If we don’t bring back dreams to our narratives, it is unlikely we will have a fair and just world.” Seeing that organizations such as GCAP are pushing global poverty to the forefront 2 years before the United Nations conference commences is a positive step in the process to eradicate global poverty.

Varsha Dougba

Source: Huffington Post