help nepal
Are you ready to help Nepal? The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that occurred in Nepal on April 25, and its multiple aftershocks, has taken over 4,000 lives so far. That number is only expected to rise with the thousands of wounded needing medical aid.

Once the worst of the devastation has passed, the people of Nepal will face many hardships rebuilding their country and their lives. While many of the nation’s closest neighbors are traveling to Nepal to provide direct aid, the best an average American citizen can do is give money.

“It’s usually better to give money than stuff after a disaster because it gives charities more flexibility to address the immediate needs of the affected communities,” Jacob Harold, president and CEO of GuideStar, a company that maintains a database of 2.2 million IRS-recognized nonprofits, said.

Here is a list of reliable nonprofits that are accepting donations to be spent on relief efforts:

  • Save the Children: This organization has actually had programs in Nepal since the 70’s. It plans to save 10 percent of what it receives for future natural disasters.
  • Doctors without Borders: This organization is sending various medical teams to Nepal, including one that will perform surgeries. These doctors are traveling from all over the world and a donation will make sure that those in need receive medical attention.
  • The American Red Cross: The Red Cross has donated $300,000 to this disaster and that amount is just its initial monetary contribution. This organization encourages the public to not only donate on its website, but to also find a donation link on iTunes. It also recommends taking to social media to spread the word about the cause.
  • Global Giving: This organization plans to raise at least one million dollars for the people of Nepal. Aside from donating on its website, $10 donations are also accepted by texting GIVE NEPAL to 80088.
  • Social Media: Facebook has put up a link to donate on its front page, and the company is matching donations up to two million dollars. The hashtag #SupportNepal is also being used to spread awareness. The Red Cross is posting updates on the dire situation on both its Facebook and Twitter pages, and recommends clicking “Share” to raise awareness.

– Melissa Binns

Sources: Maria Shriver, Red Cross Chat, TIME
Photo: flickr