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Feed the Children

Feed_the_childrenEvery single day, families all across the world struggle to provide food for their children. The harsh effects of world hunger and malnutrition are shocking. In 2010, nearly 7.6 million children lost their lives. Of these children, nearly half died due to hunger and poor nutrition.

Feed the Children (FTC) does not take these issues lightly. A not-for-profit organization, FTC pledges to make a difference in children’s lives. Donations made to FTC are matched five times by partner support, making contributions even more important. These donations provide the children with everything they need to be properly nourished and healthy.

FTC is deeply rooted in its values. These values, reflected through their four pillars, serve to end world hunger and poverty altogether. The four pillars are:

1.    Food and Nutrition
2.    Water and Sanitation
3.    Health and Education
4.    Livelihood Development

FTC provides relief in ways other than donations. Volunteers can take part in medical and disaster missions worldwide. There is also the opportunity to sponsor a child. Donors are able to keep in contact with the child they are providing for, communicating with the child and receiving updates on the child’s health.

For more information on the Feed The Children organization and how to become involved, visit www.feedthechildren.org.

– William Norris

Source: World Hunger.org
Photo: Blogspot