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Top Ways to End Global Poverty

How to End Global Poverty
There are millions of people living in poverty around the world. To be exact, 1.3 billion people were living in poverty during the year 2013. Many of the people living in poverty are in developing countries. But there are several possible ways to end global poverty, and if everyone came together as one it might even be possible to cut poverty in half within the next few years.

Provide Effective Education

First, providing the right education would make a huge difference in a child’s life. Not only would they learn all the necessary skills to survive, but it would also give them confidence instead of feeling powerless. Education helps push children to accomplish tasks to their full potential. If teachers were correctly trained and if the right environments were built for children to learn in, many of them would continue to go to school instead of dropping out at an early age.

Train Workers in Medicine

If several programs would get together to help train medical workers and supply the correct medical equipment, it would lead to healthier people. With these important essentials people would not have to worry about getting horribly sick from a curable disease.

Supply Clean Water

Another way to end global poverty is by supplying clean water. Clean drinking water is essential. Many people die from curable diseases, like diarrhea, because of unsanitary water.

Teach Income Management

A great factor that will lead to decreasing poverty is being economically secure. If organizations would cooperate to help educate families on how to save and spend the money they have, then there would be less of an economic crisis.

Help Children Feel Valuable and Important

Children are the future, so it is important that they know that they have rights like any other human. The more children are educated on their rights, the more they will start to feel empowered and will be able to make their own individual decisions. They will participate in daily activities and voice their opinions without feeling intimidated. Children who know their rights will begin to shape their future and influence those surrounding them. Breaking the poverty cycle begins with children.

Practice Advocacy to Raise Awareness and Change Policies

People could make a difference every day by staying updated and learning more about global poverty. We could continue educating people on today’s poverty so that they are inclined to make the right decisions that will help those in need of it. We could also campaign and voice our opinions to end poverty to the government, like calling our congressional leaders and asking the them to support the acts listed on The Borgen Project’s website.

– Priscilla Rodarte

Sources: Global Citizen, Plan Canada