Name: Emmitt Kussrow
Location: Canton, NC
Position: Writer Intern

Fundraising Goal: $650

How did you get interested in global issues?
After being granted the opportunity to travel internationally and experience the rich cultures present outside of the United States, I worked to expand my knowledge of international affairs and the social and economic climates of other countries to become a more culturally literate individual.

Why are you volunteering your time to serve the world’s poor?
I recognize that I have privilege that many individuals worldwide will likely never have access to, particularly those in impoverished nations. As such, I feel it is my duty to use that privilege and the amazing opportunity granted to me by The Borgen Project to raise awareness of global issues. While I may not have much money, the fact that I can contribute my time, effort and knowledge to a worthwhile cause while still pursuing my own education is a chance I cannot pass up.

My compassion/humility list:
I will do the following for any friends or family who donates in my honor…

  1. Any donor contributing $50 or more will receive a handwritten poem on a subject of their choosing.
  2. Any donor contributing $85 or more will receive a phone call where I will sing (or attempt) a song of their choice.
  3. For every donor contributing $120 or more, I will spend 1 entire day speaking like a pirate, including in class and over the phone.


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“Having made tremendous strides on behalf of impoverished families throughout the world, I applaud The Borgen Project for its tireless commitment to ending global poverty. Through strategic advocacy and public education, you are helping to shape U.S. policy for the betterment of mankind.”

– Gov. Jay Inslee (WA)


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