The Process from Submitted to Published

  1. Authors emails their finished articles to [email protected].
  2. The Lead Editor uploads the article to either the blog or magazine, and creates a post for it. They then mark the article as “uploaded” and remove it from the inbox.
  3. From there the First Round Editor does an edit to format the article, add in HTML source code, fill in the SEO, tags, and categories boxes. They also do a standard edit for grammar. They then save the article as “Edit 1 Complete.”
  4. The Visual Editor takes the article from there and adds a photo to it, adds in the photo’s source code, and checks the links. The article is then saved as “Photo Added.”
  5. The Second Round Editor follows the visual editor. He or she reads the article in its entirety and fixes grammar, punctuation, syntax, tone/voice, and paragraphs. The article is then saved as “Edit 2 Complete.”
  6. The Publisher then takes the article, does a quick look through to make sure everything appears correctly, and then schedules the article to be published.



  • Lead (HQ Assignment)
  • 1st Round Editor
  • Visual Editor
  • 2nd ROund Editor
  • Publishers (HQ Assignment)

Lead Editor

  • Monitor [email protected] email account.
  • Make sure each article has 2 unique sources
  • Sort articles submitted by the national news team and assign them to the blog or magazine.
  • Create a page for the article on either the blog or magazine.

1st Round Editor

  • Codes all the sources
  • Adds in SEO information
  • Checks Yoast SEO quality
  • Adds tags and categories (don’t create new categories)
  • Adds the dateline to the article
  • Adds internal/ external links

Visual Editor

  • Find an image to go with the article.
  • Style, resize and rename the image to meet our standards.
  • Put in the photo’s source code.
  • Edits the overall visual quality of the article (links, dateline font size etc.)

2nd Round Editor

  • Edits for grammar and punctuation
  • Keeps a lookout for voice, tone, and biases
  • Double checks everything (links work, SEO filled in correctly, title and url not too long, dateline etc.)



  • Not Ready: These articles have an issue with them that needs to be fixed before they can move forward. Lead and Publishing Editors (HQ) will work on these articles
  • Edit 2 Complete: When the 2nd Editor is finished they will move articles to this folder.
  • Uploaded: When the Lead Editor creates a post for the article, they will assign it to the uploaded folder.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 3.31.20 PM

Watch Assignment Desk

Checklist when editing articles

 1.  Writing

  • Edit the article for grammar and other mistakes.
  • Look at the sources to make sure the content is not plagiarized. Quotes will be the same and large sections can be the same, but for SEO it’s important that the article is unique.
  • There should be no bias or opinion
  • No writing in the first person

2.  Image

  •  Properly formatted.
  • Does it look good? Sometimes images will be properly formatted, but the image selected is boring, ugly or the tinting makes it look bad.
  • Correct Dimensions? Magazine
  • Make sure the name is the focus keyword  “malaria_solutions.jpg” instead of “300045.jpg.”
  • Make sure the Alt tag is the focus keyword
  • The photo should NOT have a caption, a description or a link (you can check this when you first upload the image)
  • Check the size. Make sure it’s under 100kb or else the page will load slow and hurt it’s chances of being found in search engine results.

 3.  Format

  •  Title and URL appropriate and not too long.
  • Good title. Different from the source.
  •  All SEO requirements are met.
  • Tags are used and the first letter in each word is capitalized.
  • Category is selected and a good fit.
  • Inbound and outbound
  • Dateline (Magazine only)