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Conditions in Syria Worsening

conditions in syria
Conditions in Syria are worsening rapidly with estimates of 10.8 million people who now are in high need of humanitarian aid. This number is almost half of the entire Syrian population, making it clear that urgent help is a necessity.

Additionally, the number of people living in areas that are considered difficult or impossible to receive humanitarian aid has increased from 3.5 million to 4.7 million people.

The rapid increase in Syrians in need of help is believed to be a result of the three-year conflict the country has faced. Violence such as barrel bombs, suicide attacks, executions and other acts of terrorism have led the country to chaos and turmoil.

The Syrian government is making it difficult for the United Nations to provide the necessary aid to citizens. Requirements and restrictions have been put on the way the U.N. delivers aid, decreasing the number of people being reached. The U.N. World Food Programme planned to provide aid to 4.25 million people throughout the month of June. However, by June 9, only 12 percent of these people had been reached.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon explained it as “tens of thousands of civilians are being arbitrarily denied urgent and lifesaving medical care,” and claimed it is “a deliberate tactic of war aimed at denying help and support to those most in need.”

Now, the Syrian government is refusing to let any humanitarian aid in that has not been previously approved. The current arrangement is that all types of aid must go through Damascus, the capital of Syria. Certain people involved in the debate claim that by opening up the pathways of aid to two crossings from Turkey — one from Jordan and one from Iraq — 2 million people will be able to be reached with aid.

The powers involved are still discussing the issue, but the situation does not look good for those in need of aid. The government is unable to look past their desire for control in order to help the Syrian people recover from the hardships they have been facing.

— Hannah Cleveland

Sources: News Sentinel, Al Jazeera America, ABC News
Photo: Al Jazeera