Name: Chloe

Location: UK

Role: PR/Marketing Team member

Fundraising Goal: £400

Hi there, thankyou for taking interest in this fundraising project, I am volunteering as an intern at The Borgen Project because I’d like to learn more about the impact poverty has on young people, significantly in terms of access to education. I think it’s especially important to address inequalities within early years and tackle issues which may be preventing children from attending school. The aim is to create environments where all children have the opportunities to learn vital skills, grow in their confidence and abilities, and succeed in their studies. By making education for all a priority, this can help to tackle the poverty cycle. One of my jobs as a member of the team is to help to fundraise, if you are interesting in donating to this cause, you can do so right here on this page. Thankyou for your time, Chloe :)

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