Poverty in Tobago
Tobago is a luscious rainforest-covered island off the coast of Venezuela. It is part of the complete nation of Trinidad and Tobago, with Tobago being the smaller of the two islands. Trinidad and Tobago are considered wealthy nations, but about 20 percent of people living there are below the poverty line. Many do not even realize that there is poverty in Tobago.

The poverty in Tobago is a serious issue. Most of the poverty in the nation is situated in the urban communities of the island, according to the World Bank report on Trinidad and Tobago.

Despite the income made by the nation off of oil exports, people are living below the poverty line in Tobago at TT$1,230 per month, according to the national publication, the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian.

Those that were interviewed by the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian said that the TT$1,230 (USD$183) was what they spent on food each month. Therefore many citizens below the poverty line aren’t able to afford anything except for the basic necessities.

The good news about the nation is that the unemployment rate is only at four percent, according to the CIA World Factbook. But for many of those who are unemployed, drugs and criminal activity have been issues for the nation in past years.

The crime and drug violence throughout the years has put a damper on the tourism industry in the nation. The crime rates and the violence on tourists all loop back into one common issue: poverty in Tobago.

But there is work being done for the island nation to decrease poverty. Some of the strategies being used include promoting growth in non-oil sectors, improving labor conditions by reducing discrimination, improving education, supporting health reforms and helping programs meet the needs of the poor.

Hailey McLaughlin

Photo: Flickr