Marriott BonvoyMarriott International is a company that has the largest hotel group in the world. The company is associated with thousands of hotels in over 130 countries. Marriott International believes it has a responsibility to tackle global economic issues. Therefore, the organization has established an entire sector of its company to focus on global issues. This sector is known as Marriott Bonvoy and Serve 360.

Marriott Bonvoy is the company’s charity program. This program offers members, guests and associates the opportunity to donate points to nearly 30 nonprofit organizations. In addition, these points are converted to cash and paid for by Marriott International. Some of these NGOs include the American Red Cross, UNICEF, WE and World Central Kitchen. Moreover, members of Marriott’s reward program earn points by staying at hotels across the globe. Members have the choice to donate to nonprofits that operate within four categories of Marriott’s charity campaign. These categories are nurture, sustain, empower and welcome.


The slogan for this category is “nurture our world.” Marriott International believes it is absolutely necessary to increase the standard of living in communities the hotels are located in. In addition, the company does so by protecting the vitality of children, increasing community engagement, providing disaster relief and investing in natural capital. In 2018 alone, members of the Marriott community donated over six and one-half million dollars to UNICEF and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. During that same year, Marriott Bonvoy reported over 13 million points donated for disaster relief programs. Moreover, by 2025, the company’s goal is to record seven and one-half million hours of volunteer service to protect children in specific locations.


Marriott International firmly believes in generating sustainable hotel properties, reducing environmental impact and sourcing products responsibly. Additionally, the company’s goal is to sustainably certify every single hotel property across the world. Marriott International also spent over $400 million purchasing supplies from women-owned businesses.


Marriott International believes that tourism is a viable solution to global unemployment. Therefore, the company focuses on developing hospitality skills and opportunities for the youth, women, people with disabilities, refugees and veterans. In 2018, Marriott International contributed over four and one-half million dollars to facilitate hospitality schooling for people in need. Furthermore, Marriott Bonovy and Serve 360 will continue to eliminate poverty by providing those in need with the opportunity to learn skills and become employed.


This category of Marriott Bonovy and Serve 360 aims to protect human rights around the world. Marriott International believes that traveling and tourism can play a huge part in developing a cultural understanding of other nations. Therefore, Marriott International plans to donate half a million dollars to organizations that promote peace and cultural understanding.

Marriott’s Bonvoy program allows members, guests and associates to directly contribute to Serve 360. The company has made donating even easier with the development of a Marriott Bonvoy credit card and app. As a result, this allows members to acquire and manage their points more efficiently. Currently, Marriott International is the largest hotel company in the world. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for other corporations to follow suit and create programs to eliminate economic issues causing global poverty.

John Brinkman
Photo: Flickr