TrueheartMarried couple Amy and Scott Malin allow people to transform the lives of the poor with just one click. In late June 2021, the couple developed a search engine called Trueheart, enabling individuals to donate merely by surfing on the website. About 80% of the search engine’s proceeds go toward six major nonprofit companies including Smile Train, Action Against Hunger, Global Green, 4 Paws for Ability, PFLAG National and the Variety Boys & Girls Club.

Why Amy and Scott Malin Created Trueheart

Amy and Scott Malin made it possible to search and donate with Trueheart so that anyone can make an impact worldwide. Because the couple values honesty, they have made a website where people can view what the donations go toward. Inspirational video and image content show the benefits of the proceeds. As a result, this encourages people to click and donate as the donors view the significant influence of others collaborating to change the world.

Also, according to Authority Magazine, Scott stated that he and his wife support utilizing technology in a positive way where people who care about improving society can join forces. In addition, Amy noted that helping the less fortunate is important to their family. For example, the couple helps people by aiding low-income households, donating food to the homeless, cheering up sick children and children without their parents over the holidays and more.

Trueheart’s Celebration

Look To The Stars also reported that, in celebration of Trueheart’s introduction, “Beverly Hills 90210” star and “The Masked Dancer” panel member Brian Austin Green and “Dancing With The Stars” expert performer Sharna Burgess will collaborate to present the #Search4Smiles promotion. This promotion will assist Smile Train in treating babies and kids with cleft lips globally. If this condition does not receive treatment, it can cause challenges with food consumption, breathing, listening and talking. Smile Train has helped to treat over 1.5 million kids with cleft lips worldwide for 21 years. Thus, since people can search and donate free with Trueheart, people can significantly reduce this condition’s global impact.

More About Smile Train

According to the Smile Train website, the company trains and funds healthcare practitioners in more than 70 nations worldwide to help cleft patients at no cost. Babies and children that have clefts require more than merely surgical procedures. It may also be crucial for them to receive help with eating, chewing and speaking. Smile Train provides services for children in low-income areas. For instance, the company’s surgeons can finish a surgery in less than an hour. In addition, dentists are available to provide tooth care for children with cleft lips. Smile Train also supports kids with cleft lips emotionally as the children tend to suffer from scarring, speech impediments, low self-confidence and more. Other celebrities that support the organization include Kylie Jenner, Karrueche Tran, Quincy Brown and Howie Mandel.

Helping People Made Simple

According to Amy Malin, people often think that if they do not have fame or money to spare, that they will not have a significant impact. With support from celebrities, she and Scott Malin have made it possible for anyone to search and donate free with Trueheart. As a final point, Amy stated that many people wish to help change the world and now people can, even in a small way, by clicking and searching on Trueheart via cellular devices, tablets and computers.

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Smile TrainMore than 170,000 children in developing countries are born with cleft lips or palates. Children born with clefts in developing countries often go untreated due to a lack of trained surgeons and facilities as well as the high cost of corrective surgery. Without surgery, children struggle to eat, breathe, hear and speak. Smile Train is a nonprofit that works to provide life-enhancing services to children with clefts in developing countries.

Cleft Lips and Palates

Cleft lip occurs when the lip does not completely form during fetal development. On the other hand, cleft palate occurs when the roof of the mouth does not completely close during fetal development, leaving an opening that can extend into the nasal cavity. Clefts can also occur in varying degrees.

The cause of cleft lip and palate is unclear but research shows that both genes and the environment are contributing factors. In addition, several syndromes are commonly associated with cleft lip and palate. This includes Down’s syndrome and Stickler syndrome.

Cleft deformities can result in a range of issues such as feeding difficulties, dental problems, hearing impairments, speech impediments and breathing struggles. Cleft surgeries and other essential cleft services are imperative because they significantly improve a child’s quality of life.

Smile Train’s Mission

Smile Train is the world’s largest organization that focuses on helping children with clefts in developing countries. It works on a sustainable model that goes beyond simply providing cleft surgeries. It also works to provide other essential services to address the struggles that come with cleft lips or palates. These services include nutritional support, dental care, orthodontic treatment and speech therapy. Smile Train works in more than 70 countries and has helped more than 1.5 million children in the past 20 years.

Smile Train’s sustainable model focuses on providing training, funding and resources to empower medical staff in developing countries to provide free cleft surgeries and care in their very own communities. Once these doctors are trained, a ripple effect occurs as they train more doctors within their communities and beyond. This means that children with clefts will receive quality care and treatment for years to come.

A Smile Train Story

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines, a little girl named Elizabeth was born with a cleft lip. Financial difficulties made it impossible for her parents to afford the necessary treatment and care for her. The family learned about Smile Train partner, Tebow CURE. Through the assistance of Smile Train donors, Elizabeth was able to have surgery at no cost. The surgery helped to ensure that Elizabeth has a good quality of life ahead of her.

Smile Train gives parents in developing countries renewed hope that their children will lead healthy and productive lives despite difficulties.

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