Award-Winning PPAF Strengthens Pakistani Poverty Efforts
At the 2017 Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB) Conference, the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) won the Outstanding Achievement Award for promoting diversity and inclusion within its organization and society. During the conference, the PPAF, recognized as Pakistan’s pre-eminent poverty reduction organization, was awarded for its contributions to Pakistani poverty efforts.

The GDIB Conference, which was held on Apr. 27, 2017, in Karachi, Pakistan, aimed to identify and recognize practices and standards for various organizations around the world that aspire to further mankind. These achievements include ensuring the long-term sustainability of the world and its people and raising struggling people out of global poverty.

In the efforts of alleviating the poverty that distresses Pakistan, the PPAF is dedicated to reducing poverty and improving living conditions across many struggling regions of Pakistan by exemplifying principles of diversity and inclusion. Also, varying themes of social inclusion, gender and environment are implemented through all PPAF’s projects and programs.

Established in 2000, the PPAF was primarily funded by the World Bank and the Pakistani government. In providing loans and grants throughout many struggling regions of Pakistan, it was reported in 2015 that PPAF’s assets totaled $308 million.

Since July 2009, approximately 10 million people have benefited from the PPAF’s various project interventions, with more than half of them being women. Additionally, 125,000 children were enrolled in 896 project-supported schools and 6.5 million patients were treated for various conditions in 482 project-supported health facilities. The PPAF aims to progress Pakistani poverty efforts by giving physical, emotional and financial stability to millions of vulnerable and marginalized people throughout Pakistan.

Brandon Johnson

Photo: Flickr