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The Process of Reducing Hunger in Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus is an island country that is located in the Mediterranean. The country is between the Middle East on one side and Europe on the other. While The Republic of Cyprus has a rich history and is a beautiful location, the country has had issues with feeding its citizens in the past. […]

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Plague in Madagascar Affects Thousands

An outbreak of the pneumonic plague is threatening citizens and affecting many areas of Madagascar, including the capital city, Antananarivo, which is heavily populated. The plague in Madagascar is serious and spreading quickly, and has prompted the World Health Organization (WHO), along with the Madagascar Ministry of Health, to initiate a public health response to […]

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Shell and GravityLight Illuminate Off-Grid Regions in Kenya

While access to electricity does not yet span the globe, the force of gravity is universal. The GravityLight Foundation has taken advantage of Newtonian physics to create a cost-effective light source that runs on gravity. Simply by lifting a weight and letting it descend, GravityLight can provide light and transform impoverished homes. In 2015, GravityLight’s […]

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Fighting the Marburg Virus in Uganda

On October 19, an official outbreak of the Marburg virus disease was announced in Uganda. The last outbreak of the Marburg Virus in Uganda occurred in 2014. The virus, which is frequently compared to Ebola because of its clinical similarity to it, causes viral hemorrhagic fever and is known to be fatal, with an average […]

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Water Quality in Kosovo: Story of Two Lakes

Water quality in Kosovo has been a topic of discussion in recent years. Kosovo’s two main water resources are the Badovac and Batlava lakes in the region of Pristina, which supply almost 1.8 million Kosovars with water. But climate change has strongly affected the lakes water levels, which have fluctuated from excessive water accumulation to drought […]

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10 Facts About the Polish Genocide

Genocide brings to mind horrific images of concentration camps and apartheid rule, however, few picture the planned extermination of Poles in Volhynia by Ukrainian Nationalists in the 1940’s. Despite its impact on Polish history, it is still largely unknown. In hopes of spreading awareness, here are 10 facts about the Polish genocide: Genocide is defined […]

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More US Involvement with the Global Partnership for Education

In October, a resolution regarding the United States’ role in the Global Partnership for Education was introduced to the Senate and the Committee on Foreign Relations. The resolution was introduced by Senator Cory Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey. The implications of the resolution are deeply tied to the future development of educational opportunities for […]