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Education in Kenya is a Path Out of Poverty

​Flying Kites, an organization co-founded by Leila de Bruyne, seeks to improve education in Kenya by focusing on the needs of individual students. The emphasis on individual students stems from de Bruyne’s experience teaching in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2004, when she identified weak points in the educational system. These include the reality that long-term, highly […]

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Poverty in Mongolia

As more individuals receive their COVID-19 vaccinations, countries are beginning to loosen restrictions imposed due to the virus. Toward the end of July 2021, England relaxed its travel restrictions by allowing fully vaccinated travelers across the European Union and the United States to visit England without quarantining. Similarly, the U.S. currently plans to relax international […]

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How New President Hichilema Will Impact Zambian Poverty

In August 2021, Zambia elected a new president, Hakainde Hichilema, who will replace the incumbent President Edgar Lungu. Based on the results of the August 12 elections, Hichilema will serve as the Republic of Zambia’s seventh president. Previously, President Hilchilema ran five unsuccessful campaigns. However, the election saw a strong turnout among voters between the […]

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Celebrities Named New Crisis Ambassadors

On July 15, Crisis announced broadcaster Ayo Akinwolere and actress Imelda Staunton, two award-winning stars, became the organization’s newest ambassadors. The two join other popular and well-known Crisis Ambassadors, including Ellie Goulding and Jeremy Paxman, in an effort to raise awareness for the organization. Crisis and Homelessness in the U.K. Crisis is a U.K.-based organization […]

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ESL: Breaking the Language Barrier

Language barriers are an issue that affects a variety of individuals worldwide. Whether it be refugees fleeing their home countries, immigrants looking for new opportunities or others who are moving across the world, the language barrier can lead to unanticipated setbacks. This single obstacle can lead to a whole host of challenges that can easily […]

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18 Billion Liters Closer to Water Security for All

There are 326 million trillion gallons of water on planet earth. However, only 1% of that is clean and accessible. This means there is enough water for everyone on the planet and more. Nonetheless, 1 in 5 children still do not have basic water security. Lack of Water Security Hurts the Poor Most Globally, 80 […]