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The Insulated Wonderbag Combats Global Poverty

In Africa, nearly 90% of women use open fire cooking methods. The same is common for women in developing countries throughout the world. This system can often take hours to cook a full meal. The insulated Wonderbag, a heat retention cooking device, aims to change lives and create a sustainable life for those living in […]

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Reforms for Saving the Venezuelan Economy

A combination of poor leadership and crippling sanctions have created a nation-wide economic crisis in Venezuela. The Center for Strategic and International Studies found that even before U.S. sanctions were placed on Venezuela, the country was already enduring hyperinflation, had seen food imports fall by 71% and more than two million Venezuelans had fled the […]

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Environmental Impacts on Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa

Human health and environmental concerns are commonly thought of and treated as unrelated issues. However, environmental degradation has an unquestionable impact on a community’s health. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) recently released a report underscoring this point. The UNEP finds environmental impacts on disease are especially apparent in Africa, where large numbers of people […]

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How SDG 3 in South Sudan is Improving Healthcare

Prosperous health and well being are the backbone of a progressive society. Unfortunately, countless people in the developing world struggle to access affordable and effective healthcare. South Sudan is an Eastern African country riddled in an ongoing ethnic conflict. In addition, it is one of the hardest-hit nations on the issue of healthcare. So far, […]

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The Silent Truth About Mental Health in Colombia

Colombia is home to some of the most unyielding forms of violence, such as assassinations, assaults and homicides. Significant acts of violence and conflict were first introduced during the La Violencia period. This occurred in 1948 when territorial and civil issues rose between property owners and poor farmers. Historically, violence has been a prevalent theme […]

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The Progress of SDG 5 in India

The 2020 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) report outlines a disappointing picture of the SDG 5 in India. The indicators for progress within this goal have either stagnated, decreased or increased at a very moderate rate since the last report in 2019. The phrase “major challenges remain” characterizes gender equality in India, the direst characterization of […]

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Fighting for Better Healthcare in Djibouti

Djibouti suffers from a deadly combination of limited healthcare facilities and extensive health problems. With the help of foreign assistance from nations such as the United States, healthcare in Djibouti may be able to overcome these challenges. Where is Djibouti? Djibouti, officially named the “Republic of Djibouti,” is an African country located in the Northeastern […]

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4 Facts About The Safe Delivery App

Across the globe, thousands of women die every year as a result of complications during birth. A variety of organizations have been developing to combat these preventable deaths. The Safe Delivery app, a maternal healthcare app, provides one of these solutions. Below are four facts outlining the app’s purpose as well as its successes since its release in 2012. […]