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Progressing Women’s Rights in Uganda

Women’s rights in Uganda are notoriously spotty. Ugandan women experience high rates of physical and sexual abuse, at 56% and 22% respectively. Additionally, child marriage is common and 40% of Ugandan girls marry before they turn 18. As a result, many girls never complete their education or gain the necessary job skills to help them […]

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How Air Pollution in Kosovo is Rooted in Poverty

Last December, children in Kosovo, a disputed territory in southeast Europe, already wore masks on their way to school. They weren’t worried about COVID-19, the deadly contagion that has since gripped the world. Instead, children wore masks to protect themselves from air pollution in Kosovo. Power plants that run by burning coal, private residences that […]

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Poverty in Mali: Causes, Solutions and Further Action

A land-locked, predominantly rural society with limited women’s rights, a poor healthcare system and constant conflict due to recent terrorism and political instability, Mali and its population are extremely vulnerable to poverty. In fact, 49% of Malians live below the poverty line. Poverty in Numbers The astronomically high rate of poverty in Mali affects various […]

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3 Places Where Gardening is Helping People Survive

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing global economic downturns, food insecurity and unemployment, many communities in developing countries have turned to small-scale farming and home gardening as a solution. When the pandemic took full effect in March 2020, an upward trend in gardening around the world followed. In developing countries where access to food was dangerously […]

3 Organizations Promoting Swim Instruction in Africa

Think Global Health recently conducted an interview with Olive Kobusingye, the Executive Director at the Injury Control Center in Uganda, addressing drowning and drowning-related injuries happening in Africa. “There are many risk factors that congregate around these communities [that] result in high rates of drowning,” she mentioned, “…a majority of people here are actually drowning […]

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Preventing Harmful Practices in Malawi

Despite the enactment of the Gender Equality Act in 2013,  Malawi has much more to accomplish with respect to women’s rights. Traditional customs and harmful cultural practices are still deeply entrenched in Malawian society, leading to discrimination and marginalization of women and girls. These practices adversely affect their development, health, socioeconomic status and overall contributions […]

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AI Usage in Agriculture is Addressing Food Insecurity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to computer systems that can perform tasks that would normally require humans, including visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and language translation. AI development has exploded within the last several years, and industries are beginning to adopt such systems to increase productivity and address challenges to growth. The agricultural sector is one […]