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Geothermal Energy in Kenya

The use of geothermal energy, or heat contained in rocks and fluids beneath the Earth’s surface, is expanding around the globe. Geothermal energy can generate a continuous supply of heat to power homes and office buildings. It can produce just one-sixth of the CO2 emissions produced in a natural gas plant. Today, geothermal energy in […]

2 Revolutionary Products That Fight Period Poverty

Fly and Flo are two revolutionary products that fight period poverty and help menstruators across the globe manage their monthly periods. The burden of a person’s menstrual cycle can vary dramatically depending on their location. Many experience what is known as period poverty, which is when people do not have the resources or social conditions […]

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Girls’ Education in Malawi: An Overlooked Solution to Poverty

Malawi, a small country in Southern Africa, is known for its rich culture. Unfortunately, their economy is still very poor. There are many factors that lead to poverty, but education, specifically girls’ education in Malawi, is a major source of financial turmoil that is often overlooked. Girls’ Education and Poverty World Bank has found that […]

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10 Facts About Sanitation in Russia

Despite Russia’s vast landscape and numerous bodies of water, access to clean, drinkable water is one of the nation’s most dire concerns. Although the government has recently taken steps to improve accessibility and water quality, years of inadequate infrastructure and weak pollution regulations have caused monumental damage. Here are 10 facts about sanitation in Russia. […]

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7 Facts About Hunger in Ethiopia

Though many areas of Africa are developing thoroughly and implementing infrastructure, food security still remains an issue. Internal displacement, environmental factors and price fluctuations in countries like Ethiopia can be devastating. Predictions from the Ethiopia Humanitarian Response Plan estimated that about 8.1 million people became victims of food insecurity in 2019. Additionally, although about 2.2 […]