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Dementia in Developing Countries

Though dementia is traditionally thought of as being prevalent only in the developed world, it is now occurring at higher rates in developing countries. Currently, 67% of people with dementia worldwide reside in low- and middle-income nations, and researchers predict that number will reach 75% by 2050 in tandem with these nations’ aging populations. Because […]

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Homelessness in North Korea

What little we know about the true conditions of poverty in North Korea, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is shocking. We hear stories of famine, starvation and an abundance of human rights violations. The true number of those who are homeless is currently unknown due to the secretiveness of the state. However, stories […]

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The ONE Campaign

In 2004, Bono and Bobby Shriver co-founded the ONE campaign. It is an international non-partisan campaign that believes the fight against poverty is not about charity but bringing justice and equality. ONE aims to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases by 2030. What ONE Is ONE pressures governments, either through grassroots campaigns or lobbying with […]

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Europe Pledges Billions to Aid Developing Nations to Fight COVID-19

On April 8, the European Union announced that they were launching an initiative called “Team Europe,” which would secure €15.6 billion of financial support toward nations seen as highly vulnerable to the potentially devastating effects of COVID-19. The “team” is coming up with resources from the EU, its member states, and major financial institutions such […]

Five Facts About the Work of the United Nations Population Fund

The United Nations Population Fund is a U.N. agency that works to promote gender equity and respond to gender-based violence around the world. It provides care and resources to underprivileged people in order to reduce maternal and childhood mortality. The work of the United Nations Population Fund has made a difference for millions of families. […]

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Essential Education Reforms in India

After 30 years, the government of India has finally revamped its standards in secondary and higher education. Among the education reforms in India, there has been an increase in socioemotional care, staff qualifications and access to innovative program opportunities in the public school system. These changes are significant for today’s Indian children, who made up 30% […]