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The Effects of Poverty While Pregnant in Niger

Pregnancy can be challenging anywhere, but being pregnant in Niger is often life-threatening. Around 14,000 women in Niger die every year as a result of pregnancy-related complications, with only 29 percent of births attended by skilled medical professionals. Because giving birth at home is a deeply ingrained cultural tradition in Niger, only 17 percent of […]

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New Programs to Reduce Poverty in the Philippines

As of 2015, 22 million Filipinos are still living in the depths of poverty. That equates to one-fifth of the population. Poverty presents itself in a vicious cycle affecting mainly the uneducated population who tend to live in large family units. These family units usually have only one head of the household who provides income […]

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Aid in The Holdout Province

While the world has breathed a collective sigh of relief following the September agreement made by Turkey and Russia – thus halting the advance of troops, the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib has yet to exhale. It remains one of the last rebel strongholds in the conflict. As world leaders work to decide Idlib’s political […]

The One Health Approach to Antibiotic Resistance

Generally, the One Health Approach is a collaborative method to address the three cornerstones of health outcomes: humans, vectors/wildlife and the environment. There is a growing concern for antibiotic resistance — the 2018 World Economic Forum estimates that for that there were 100,000 antibiotic-resistance-related deaths in U.S. hospitals and 80,000 in China last year. One […]

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Improvement of Life Expectancy in Russia

The life expectancy in Russia has risen to an average of 72 years. This is a great rise compared to the average of 57 years in 1994. The leading causes of death in Russia are heart disease, stroke, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and alcoholism. The Drop in Life Expectancy in Russia During the 1990s Russia’s life expectancy had unexpectedly […]


Top 10 Facts About the Health Expectancy in Angola

Sometimes referred to as “healthy life expectancy” or HLE, health expectancy measures more than just the number of years a person remains alive. In fact, it is calculated by “adjusting total life expectancy for the number of years spent in poor health.” As the following list illustrates, there are many improvements yet to be made, […]


The Connection Between Sand Mining and Poverty in Cambodia

The practice of sand mining has spelt disaster for fishing communities in Cambodia. For more than a decade, sand mining in Cambodia has contributed to the collective poverty of fishing communities as well as displacement. Although Cambodia officially banned the export of sand in 2017, the connection between sand mining and poverty in Cambodia is […]